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13 Feb

The poll also stated that 32 percent of Americans ages 30 to 45 have one or more tattoos.

Many businesses and organizations still frown upon employees showing visible tattoos in the workplace.

Avoid being defensive about tattoos during job interviews, Randall said.

Tattooed job candidates should give a simple and positive answer if and when an employer brings up concerns about tattoos.“The savvy job seeker will say, ‘I sense that you’re a bit uncomfortable about the tattoo,’ ” Randall said.

The organization helps students prepare for various careers and workplace issues by offering campus seminars, workshops and other services.

The center also researches trends and attitudes among employers in different industries.

…Do you want to live your dream and work for your dream?

Or do you want to live for somebody else’s dream and work for their dream?

Not everyone agrees that job candidates should conform to corporate policies on ink, however.

Joshua Coburn, a 32-year-old marketing professional for Brownells, Inc., in Iowa, thinks it should be the other way around.

Coburn has numerous tattoos that cover about 85 percent of his body.

’”Randall suggests that students talk to their parents and to a career mentor about how tattoos could shape their future.

Job candidates should find out the policies for tattoos at companies where they are applying, experts say.