Is liam payne dating demi lovato

01 Jul

One Direction's Liam Payne has apologized for standing on a balcony ledge at his London apartment, which his friends photographed and briefly shared on Twitter; "It was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do"One Direction are gearing up for their first ever Adelaide concert!

The paparazzi are stalking their every move, but judging by Twitter so are the fans – and plenty of people have managed to get photos with them.

When Justin Bieber must fight in place of his brother, he learns that it's not as easy as he thought, and he may never be coming home. Over their first date, though, he learns some shocking news: he has to beat five of his evil exes (the other two are on vacation. He's willing to take that chance and with the help of his sorta slutty/ gay room mate, Louis, and his little sister's/ Louis' new boy toy, Liam, he might make it through all this chaos and get Niall out his pants. If the sun and the moon were to make a head on collision, would it be catastrophic or would it be wonderful?

Both of the singers performed at the concert ahead of the tonight, where they will also both be performing. “Yessss Birmingham #freeradiolive thank you so much thanks for letting me close your awesome show goodnight god bless,” Liam tweeted after his performance.

The stars will entertain listeners by hosting Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist from 10am until 4pm with a selection of shows, in order to get young listeners into the Christmas spirit.

Niall's secretive, always has been, but no one could've ever guessed that he would hide something this big. But then you came and found me and held me and never let me go.

It turns out trying to cope with your past is a lot harder when you're hiding from the entire world. Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy returning to school after a year spent in a juvenile detention centre and another seven months in rehab.