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27 Oct

The film presents her as having the moral integrity of a tramp with few qualms about who she sleeps with--including a nazi commander--and this plays into the troubling stereotype that Jewish girls are easy.

Similarly, Stein's wealthy family ties play into the stereotype that Jews are rich.

All this after seeing her entire family gunned down next to her.

To make the story even more complex and disturbing, the nazi commander is portrayed as a "good guy" and the resistance fighter turns out to be a "bad guy".

Popular culture has enough propaganda to enforce those dangerous generalizations. The last thing we need is a film that further plays up harmful stereotypes.

Yet, Black Book does so in a forthright, unapologetic way that I couldn't help but find inappropriate and repulsive.

Impeccably shot and produced in lifelike color, the depth, detail and overall presence of the imagery is nothing short of stunning.That we should consider sleep ing with the enemy from time to time?Why would any filmmaker in his right mind decide this is an appropriate, worthy, important or representative tale to tell about the Holocaust?He declares Black Book to be, "Provocative and potently erotic! " Down below, the tagline reads, "To fight the enemy, she must become one of them." The back cover of the Blu-ray has another sensationalist quote, "An irresistible rush! It's difficult to see how anyone sensitive to the plight of Jews in the Holocaust would not take offense at the cavalier, promotional and disturbing manner in which Black Book is marketed and made.The filmmakers know very well that Rachel Stein did not "become one of them" and yet they allowed this statement and the inappropriate narrative of the film to take precedent over the troubling reality Jews faced throughout Europe during the Holocaust.