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25 Sep

G12M70s were only offered in cheap Marshalls something like 20 years ago for a limited period of time.

After they phased them out and switched to the G12M75s at least they were only used in Marshall's budget amps.

Compared to the earlier "Master Volume" series, they offered some advantages, including the possibility to be patched internally and linked with other amplifiers.

The first JCM800s were in fact Master Volume amplifiers (Models 22, at 100 and 50 watts respectively), repackaged in new boxes with new panels.

This is after the JCM 800 era, so 15 years ago is more accurate.

But I have never seen a cabinet with G12M-70s, only 65s or 75s.

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Must be a 4210 (I don't think they switched to 75s on them). I think that I'm going to open the cab and see what speakers are realy into my cab!

just have to an apprpriate find a screwdriver (just moved and everything is still in boxes, hehe) Thanx for the replies.

The Celestion speakers are great for softening distortion and overdrive.

Versatile sound – not only can this cabinet offer amazing volume but it can also be configured in mono or stereo.