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08 Jan

Many people even emailed me and wanted me to retype the very same information that is on my website and in Dr.Blaylock's book into emails (most of which they did not bother to read, even after I spent what little "free" time I had rehashing the same information and sending it piecemeal); they then decided that it was too much "work" to take supplements and blenderize their vegetables in a Vitamix every day.While living in Alaska for almost 20 years, I watched the Alaskan natives, so robust and healthy just two generations ago, slowly become heavy and riddled with diabetes and chronic diseases of civilization.When I first moved there, they were predominately meat eaters, living off the land. But for them, they thrived with scant degenerative disease.

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A seminar by Hal Kristal, DDS, of California, confirmed what I had discovered.Instead of emailing me, please read all my health-related web pages, along with Dr.Blaylock's books, Newsmax articles and subscription newsletters (see my main cancer page for links) and Jerry Brunetti's interviews.Wiley claimed meat and protein were alkalinizing and fruit and vegetables in general were acidifying.This flew in the face of everything I had been taught regarding the effects of food on p H, and directly contradicted Kelleys work.