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The larvae feed on organic matter, especially the feces of mature fleas, which contain dried blood. making the flea one of the best jumpers of all known animals (relative to body size), second only to the froghopper.

The flea jump is so rapid and forceful that it exceeds the capabilities of muscle, and instead of relying on direct muscle power, fleas store muscle energy in a pad of the elastic protein named resilin before releasing it rapidly (like a human using a bow and arrow).

Larvae are worm-like with no limbs; they have chewing mouthparts and feed on organic debris.

Over 2,500 species of fleas have been described worldwide.

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This can take just four days, but may take much longer under adverse conditions, and there follows a variable-length stage during which the pre-emergent adult awaits a suitable opportunity to emerge.

The eggs take around two days to two weeks to hatch.

Experiments have shown that fleas lay more eggs on hosts which have limited food intakes, and that eggs and larvae survive better under these conditions, perhaps because the host's immune system is compromised.

The number of eggs laid depends on species, with batch sizes ranging from two to several dozen.

The total number of eggs produced in a female's lifetime (fecundity) varies from around one hundred to several thousand.