Dating a man whose wife cheated

13 Jun

Since then we have been texting a lot, a few phone calls and I would listen to him.

It hurts me to find out more details about the affair and I have been so stressed out that it has been affecting my sleep and work.

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We are the same age (33) and move in the same social circle so we have a lot in common (friends, interests, experiences, likes etc).

He wants to protect the reputation of his wife to his family and friends.

It has been affecting his health and I am worried for him because his family has a history of depression.

He does not want to have a broken family because he already came from one and told himself that he would not let this happen to his child.

On Monday night (3 days ago), I was surprised to get a call from him at pm!

He NEVER calls me and it was out of his character to suddenly call so late at night.