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27 Aug

Every year, approximately 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner.Every year during the month of February advocates join efforts to raise awareness about dating violence, highlight promising practices, and encourage communities to get involved. Throughout February This February, NRCDV builds on the campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness Month to highlight the unique roles and contributions of young activists in advancing social change work.2-3pm Eastern/1-2pm Central/11-12pm Pacific For Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month, this webinar will highlight the work of Rights4Girls, a human rights organization focused on gender-based violence against young women and girls in the U. This interactive webinar will explore how the intersections of race, gender and violence cause our most marginalized girls to be criminalized for their experiences of sexual violence and sexual exploitation.As founder of Priceless Incite, Annika Leonard works with Black teen girls to cultivate their leadership, survivorship and wellness to bring about deep, radical, and cultural solutions to ending violence.Lynn is making a difference in the lives of our teens! All donations are tax deductible and directly sup port our mission of ending relationship violence through education. Our workshops to train middle and high school health teachers, school staff and parents are made possible by your donations.Please join us in thanking Lynn and congratulating her on a successful run (official time ). In addition, we provide free educational and curriculum materials to Rhode Island workshop participants and trained health teachers in Rhode Island.For Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month, young activists, advocates, organizers, and social change makers are invited to share “Why I’m an Activist.” Follow @National DVAM and join the conversation on Twitter at #teen DVmonth #Im An Activist.

Available at: Throughout the month of February, the Prevent IPV project will feature a tool each week that was developed for and/or by youth to promote healthy relationships with self and others, in recognition of Break the Cycle’s theme for Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month – Updated for Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month 2018, this Special Collection emphasizes collaborative and multi-level approaches to the prevention of and response to teen dating violence.Become one of six teen characters based on the experiences of real teens including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia and stalking.You make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their dating partner, family, friends, counselors, police, and others.Buy Training Kits In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence is a training kit for any group of adults who work with teens, such as teachers, counselors, youth group leaders, law enforcement, or parents.Designed with the classroom in mind, In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence—Classroom Edition is an engaging way to talk about dating violence and healthy relationships with young people in one class period.